Thursday, May 08, 2008

Round 3

Is anyone still watching the playoffs? Yeah I agree. It's become quite boring. Round two killed my record. I started off at 7-1 and now I'm at 8-4. I blame the Rangers, Sharks and Habs for cocking it up. The Habs in particular dominated most of the games and yet lose. Some bad goal-tending and defensive play knocks them out when they really dominated the games. Too bad.
Round three predictions....even Fred and Barney are bored with this. But hey, we'll still watch (kinda) but these teams are bloody boring.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Philadelphia Flyers

Neither team has impressed me that much. They're in the third round mostly due to the incompetence of their opponents. Maybe the Oilers will catch that kind of luck in next year's playoffs? That'd be sweet! Anyways, back to this year. Philly will finally give Sid the Whiney Kid and his Penguins a real challenge. Philly is tougher, grittier and more physical. Sid will need a pacifier when this series is done. Flyers in 6.

Detroit Red Wings vs Dallas Stars

Dallas is lucky to have made it this far. They barely got out of that San Jose series (even though being up 3-0 and were one shot from going to a 7th game) and let's face it, Detroit is rolling. They're going to roll over the Stars. Turco is only 2-10-5 against Detroit and has never won at the Joe. This will continue. Wings in 5.

There it is folks: Detroit vs Philadelphia in the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals. It hath been written!


Shannon said...

Just for the record, I predicted Detroit to take it all, and I stand behind it!

Go Wings (until the Oilers start playing again, of course!)

Scarlett said...

LOL Shannon! Yes I remember you did say that. I didn't want to say that earlier because we all lately that Detroit has been upset in the early rounds. Now that they're this far, it's their Cup to lose now!