Thursday, April 24, 2008

2007-2008 Playoffs Round 2

Round Two starts tonight....anyone still care? Not really but since I went 7-1 in round one, let's give round two a go for predictions. I still don't like any of these teams (Ottawa was my number two team) but I'm vaguely cheering for the Habs. Why? Maybe because everyone thought they'd finish 13th or maybe because I'm still a big fan of Kovalev. I do enjoy those Russians. They're very unlike their European counterparts; they play a gritty and skilled game. Me likes!!!

Montreal Canadiens vs Philadelphia Flyers

The Habs almost crapped themselves in round one, letting the Bruins trap their way to a game seven. Their powerplay was anemic and Price was shakey for two games. However, I think this team rebounds nicely in round two, their powerplay comes alive and Price continues his performance from game seven. Habs in 6.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs New York Rangers

Whiney Sid will get an early exit this year. The first round against Ottawa was a cake-walk so they're coming into this series with too much rest and not enough game action. Henrik will out-play wee Fleury who will have a huge meltdown. Unfortunately, Avery will get into the third round. Damn. Rangers in 5.

San Jose Sharks vs Dallas Stars

San Jose got a huge wake-up call in the first round so I expect them to continue their good play and will take it to the Stars big time. We would all like to thank Dallas for bouncing Anaheim (thank you very much) but you're time is over. Texas rules but not this time. Dallas the TV show rocked but not the hockey team. See y'all. Sharks in 5.

Detroit Red Wings vs Colorado Avalanche

Colorado played a good series against the Wild (my only loss in the first round) and could continue their good play. They'll need a healthy Forsberg to stand a chance (update: not playing tonight due to his groin) and they might get the leg up on the Wings. Wings, similar to the Pens, had an easy series in round one and they sleep-walked through it. I don't think I saw one hit. Avs could take advantage but I still think the Wings prevail. Wings in 6.


therealdeal said...

No offence Scarlett, but this round of predictions has not gone swimingly!

Scarlett said...

It's not my fault; it's the teams who forgot they were playing in the second round.

Damn teams ruining my record.