Wednesday, April 09, 2008

2007-2008 NHL Playoff Predictions - Round 1

Playoffs starting tonight (Sens-Pens just dropped the puck) and yeah I'm watching. Although, my enthusiasm is slightly less since our Oilers aren't playing. But my belief in their future really makes a gal feel good.

I won a regular season pool with some friends by a very considerable margin. Let's try my luck at the playoffs now!!!

So here are some quick predictions. I'm doing this last minute, moments before the games start but hey, what the hell. Let's wing it!!! I went 13-2 last year (yeah I'm awesome) so let's try again!

Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins

This is the one guarentee to NOT have an upset. Montreal won all 8 games during the year and very easily! Montreal will use their speed and powerplay to kick the Bruin's ass. This is probably your best bet for a sweep. Habs in 4.

New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils

This is one of those series I don't give a damn about. Rangers are underachieving especially since overpaying for Gomez and Drury over the summer. I hope they lose big time. However, the trapping of today's game comes directly from those assholes in Jersey. I hope they lose too. Damn, one of these teams must win. This should be a goaltender's dual. Even though NY won 7 of 8 games during the season, 4 of them were in OT/SO. So this is a toss-up. I'm going against Marty Brodeur and say Rangers and Jagr show up! Rangers in 6.

Washington Capitals vs Philadelphia Flyers

Pittsburgh did not want to play Phily (as evidence by their tanking of the last regular season game). Washington will be in tough too. Sure Washington is on fire, coming back to make the playoffs. But let's face it....they've been playing mostly the shit teams of Florida, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, etc. That's an advantage. Sure Ovechkin is going to kill Philly but the Caps are a one player team. He can't win it all himself. Flyers in 6.

Ottawa Senators vs Pittsburgh Penguins

I'd love to call an upset here. Ottawa is the only other team in the NHL that I kinda cheer for. I hate Pittsburgh and that whiny pussy Crosby with a passion. I'm sick of his diving. You weren't shot Sid so stop 'fake dying' on us. Ottawa is floundering and without captain Alfredsson, this series is over before it starts for the Sens. They might make it tough for the wimpy Pens, but this is another solid bet. Penguins in 6.

Detroit Red Wings vs Nashville Predators

Nashville is getting their asses handed to them in this series. They might make it kinda competitive but Detroit is not choking this year. Nashville is no Edmonton. Wings have superstud in Zetterberg and Datsyuk. They'll get into goaltending issues in the subsequent rounds. This round it is not an option! Wings in 5.

Colorado Avalance vs Minnesota Wild

Boring series. The Wild will lull the Avs into a coma on their way to victory. Not even a healthy Forsberg can save this series. Maybe if this was 2000. But it is not, so Foppa and his Avs are out in the first round. Wild in 5.

San Jose Sharks vs Calgary Flames

Calgary actually thinks they're winning this series. There were even a couple dudes on Sportsnet predicting the Lames winning not only this series but the Stanley Cup. Come on dudes, be realistic. The Lames are lame. They are a team with no intensity, their goaltending has been off this year and you can't ride only Iginla. He'll score but no one else will. Sharks in 6.

Dallas Stars vs Anaheim Mighty Ducks

Ducks suck. Pronger is the devil. Stars use the Wild formula and comas all around. The end. Stars in 5.


Shannon said...

You're giving the Lames too much credit - out in 4. :')

I like your other predictions, though.

I said this to you earlier, but Go Detroit! - Ugg! I feel so dirty!

d said...

The Lames are lame.
Ducks suck.
Pronger is the devil.

Best statements ever.

It's too bad Chelios is still a Winger. Ugh. Isn't he 90 years old by now?

Go Habs!

Scarlett said...

Ugh Uglios is still alive. I think he's only 89.