Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anyone but Vancouver

So our Oilers are getting another first round draft pick.  Yeah this happened a month ago but I've been busy.  I am watching the NHL playoffs but let's face it, if my Oil aren't involved, I'm not as involved.  However, I am watching even though all the teams I cheered for in the first round are out (Montreal, Pittsburgh and Chicago).  I am now cheering for Tampa Bay and whoever Vancouver plays.  I just do not want those diving cheating Canucks winning anything.  I hate divers.

I am watching the Sharks-Wings game right now before I head off to System of a Down concert.  Wings are getting so many chances but can't bury them or Niemi is holding the Sharks in this game.  It is an elimination game for the Wings so they better start burying their chances soon.

I am planning a trip to Rome and Athens in October.  I have been crazy busy researching my trip.  I hope to book it soon.  I wish miss the first three weeks of the Oilers season which makes me sad.  I missed the first three weeks when I went to Germany in 2008 but I did keep up with the scores for part of the trip.  I hope they have a better October this year than in 2008.  They started 4-0 but lost the next 5.  So let's not repeat that, okay?

Did the Wings score finally?  Crap, it was the Sharks.

Anyway, with another first round pick which I think the Oilers will select Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (read some of the head scout's interviews, seems like this is the guy) even though I was hoping for Larsson.  But these guys are the experts and all I want is for them to take the best player available.  My only concern with Hopkins is quite a few of his points are scored on the powerplay.  I hope he is not a PP specialist.  But lots of praise coming out for the kid so this could be the guy.

Oilers do not have to make the playoffs next year BUT BUT BUT they have to be in the mix.  They cannot be out of the race by December.  Just compete harder, put up some more points and maybe keep Khabby out of the goal more often.  Give the fans something to cheer for.....