Friday, February 18, 2011

Down go the Habs!

Twice a year, the Leafs and Habs visit Rexall Place.  Both of these team's fans are annoying as hell.  They infiltrate the arena, infecting it with their douchiness, and out cheer the home team.  However, last night, the home team got the last laugh and the biggest cheers when the game was over.  The Edmonton Oilers, who are currently sitting in 30th in the NHL, yes that is dead last, beat the Habs, a playoff team. 

It was a delightful night of hockey.  Oilers fans have not had a lot to celebrate this year yet they continue to show up to games and support their team.  Last week, the Oilers played their worst hockey of the year.  It was so uninspired, it was probably the most pissed off I've been after a game.  It seemed like they didn't care.  Yes this team is not built to win but for fuck sakes, show up and give a damn.  Where is your pride? 

They finally showed up against Dallas and Montreal this week. This is the Oilers team I expected to see occasionally this year.  We have not seen them often enough, especially the last couple of months.  Finishing in a lottery position is not in doubt.  Finishing dead least is now in doubt especially with Ottawa finally blowing up their team after a dreadful run this year.  The Devils and Islanders are winning and moving out of the bottom two so it is now a two horse race. 

Last week I wanted the Oilers to finish dead last and get the best chance for the first overall pick.  Today?  I do not give a damn about the first overall pick.  I want wins.  I want excitement.  I want Oilers hockey.  So finishing second last is fine with me.  As I write that, I do realize that is a very funny comment.  This is a rebuild, so you got to go with the flow!

We are also coming up on trade deadline so rumors are floating around like crazy.  Many involve our very own Penner and Hemsky.  In fact, the Hemsky rumors are growing by day and are making me damn nervous.  I wrote a lengthy article for The Fourth Period regarding both Ales and Dustin at the end of December.  I still feel the same way.  Keep Hemsky and Penner, get them signed to extensions and continue the rebuild.  If they do not want to sign extensions, trade away.  But if they do, you must do everything in your power to NOT be swayed away by sexy prospects or another first round draft pick. 

In Hemsky, you're getting almost a point per game player, is in the top five for even strength points and is very exciting.  Penner brings power, a big body on a small team and drives to the net.  Trading these players will only set back the team and the rebuild.  It does not help to trade away your best players for magic beans.  This team needs NHL players.  It's that simple.

My latest article for The Fourth Period is up here....was posted a few weeks ago. 

As Taylor Hall said last night, "One win is a fluke, two is a streak."  Let's continue the streak!!!!