Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oilers vs Canucks - Another Shootout Please!

The Oilers are 7-2-1 in their last ten games.  They are no longer in the last place but are sitting just outside a lottery draft pick position (6th).  With Horcoff and Hemsky out for extended periods, this team may still end up in a lottery position but damn they are making it exciting.  With Hemsky out, Linus Omark finally got the call and made the most in his first NHL game.  He had a tough start to the game, failing to clear the puck out of the zone which resulted in a goal.  His line, which included fellow callup Ryan O'Marra and recently hot Ryan Jones, were out chanced badly in the game.  However, Omark did get some powerplay time and made a nice move on the half boards, drove the net for a shot and Gilbert jumped on the rebound.  One assist in his first game would have been a decent start BUT Omark brought the sizzle when the game went into the shootout.  Mr. Youtube did it again.  After Eberle scored a beautiful goal and Hall missed, it was left to Omark to clinch and win the game.  In his first NHL game, he brought his balls with him.

Tampa Bay claimed this goal was disrespectful.  The players whined and bitched after the game.  It was embarrassing.  The shootout was added to the game for a reason; excitement!!  As Don Cherry said on coaches corner, "This is a gimmick within a gimmick."  When Don Cherry does not admonish a European player for this ballsy move, then Tampa Bay really needs to shut the hell up.  Man up.  It was not against the rules.  If you do not like it, too god damn bad.  You could have done the move.  Or maybe here is something shocking for Dan Ellis, STOP THE PUCK!

It was an exciting start for Linus Omark.  I despise the shootout.  I hate it with a passion but if we must have it in the game, I want more goals scored like this.  Rexall Place went crazy, twitter went nuts....Omark was trending not only in Canada but worldwide.  The hockey and non-hockey world was talking about this rookie kid and the goal.  This is good for the game.  Was it the most spectacular goal?  Of course not but since this was his first NHL game, you have to give the kids kudos for bringing it and having the balls to try something like that in his first NHL game and shootout attempt.

The Canucks are in town tonight.  Anyone else want another shootout?  Hell yes!  I do want Omark to play a bit better at even strength and beef up his defensive play.  The Oilers were outshot 17-1 in the third period but came out like gangbusters in the overtime so come on Oilers, a little more consistency please.  The team as a whole has been playing quite well over the last ten games with our rookies leading the way.  Our aging goalie is bringing it as well.  Dubnyk will get the start tonight which is necessary.  Let's not tire out Khabibulin too much and give the other rookie a chance to make his mark and continue his development.

Let's go Oilers.  I want another win and possibly another shootout!