Friday, June 25, 2010

Taylor vs Tyler

2010 NHL draft is only a few hours away and the debate still rages. Are you Team Taylor or Team Tyler? The winger or the center? The beauty or the beast?

The Oilers will pick first for the first time in their history. Yes that's what happens when you finish 30th. After moving Quinn upstairs, Renney is the man. He will coach a very different team this fall. The team has already traded for Colin Fraser (Hawks) who is the elusive third/fourth rugged centerman who can take draws and kill penalties. There will be more moves before the puck drops in October. In fact, there could be many moves made today and tomorrow. Moreau and Souray are locks to be moved (Moreau will be bought out if he can't be moved) along with scary rumors of moving Hemsky.


Hemsky is signed for two more years. You don't trade someone who is your best player, is on a cheap contract and has two years to go. Next summer is the only time you entertain this thought if he refused to sign an extension. Then trade away. Hemsky should not be traded for prospects or draft picks. It's not necessary and you don't know what you'd be getting in return.

Anyways, I'm heading to the draft party at Rexall very soon.

Taylor vs Tyler. I have no clue who is the better player or who will be. Hall seems to be better right now but Seguin may end up being better. I'm confused. Just make the pick and we'll debate this for another ten years. I hope they pick the right one!