Sunday, May 16, 2010

More predictions

My second round predictions were not on the mark but most predictions were not on the money. I went 1 for4. Yikes. So along with round one, I am 6-4 so far. Not bad.

Chicago vs San Jose - I hate SJ. I don't want them to win. Heatley is a punk. Sure Thornton showed up a bit in round two but you can't count on him. It's the other Joe that has saved the playoffs for them. But I like the Hawks young guns better. The biggest question mark is Niemi who has been up and down during the playoffs. Hawks win only if he plays well. He has to. I think he does. I want him to play well. Hawks in six.

Philadelphia vs Montreal - thanks Boston for CHOKING. Thanks for blowing a 3-0 games series lead. Thanks for blowing a 3-0 lead in game seven. Thanks. I now have to cheer for the Habs. I hope Philly crashes and burns. I hope Pronger actually burns. The devil is someone I cannot cheer for and Philly itself is someone I've never liked. Their history is filled with dirty players and just plain douches. Yeah Bobby Clarke. You too Ron Hextall. No way he should have won the Conn Smythe in '87. I do not believe a player from the losing team should win the Conn. Anyways, this series. Halak is channeling Roy and Dryden, and I think we're watching something really special. It'll be a tight series. Habs in seven again.

So I'm calling for a Hawks - Habs final. I think Hawks go all the way. I was picking them at the start of the playoffs so I'll keep with it.

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