Friday, November 27, 2009

The Devil Returns, 2.0

Tonight, the Devil 2.0 makes a visit to Edmonton finally. It only took almost five months to get him here. After letting the Oilers get all hot and bothered for a month, Heater refused to put out. He's a dirty tease, letting the Oilers think he was actually considering coming here. We all know the truth. He used the Oilers to gain leverage with Ottawa. He tried to drive up his own market value because he didn't like his options. Yes, options options options. I believe he repeated that ad nauseum this summer. Heatley believed he was entitled to more options, like he was a king sitting on a throne.

Let's not dwell on the past. Tonight the douche comes to Edmonton and yes, he's playing well. He does have Thornton on his wing so he'd better play well. This is why Edmonton went after him so hard; he can score. But the other players involved in the non-trade are having decent years themselves. Penner has transformed his game and is finally the power forward I knew he could be; Smid has developed into a very nice physical defenseman; and Cogliano, if he ever gets better linemates (Moreau? No one can score with the penalty machine on your line), he will be fine too.

However, the Sharks are coming into Edmonton when the Oil are not at their best. They are 2-6-1 in their last eight games. They've gone through a never ending stream of injuries and battled the flu for a month. They just keep mounting. Two important players will not play tonight: Khabibulin and Hemsky. Hemsky is awaiting results from an MRI. Let's all hope it is not serious. If he's out the season, lottery pick. No doubts. This team needs him more than any other player.

I have a good feeling tonight. I think the Oilers will play a hard game and could sneak out a win if Deslauriers continues his decent play. It's possible.

Update: unofficial from Oilersnation but Hemmer may need surgery and is out season. Let's all say it together, FUCK!!

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