Friday, October 09, 2009

Hot Oil

Thank you ESPN and the parents of Sheldon Souray, Andrew Cogliano and Ethan Moreau for creating lovely specimens.

You can check out some other bodies here (note Chara of the Bruins is pic 4) but please, I'm quite content with the Oilers picture.

Moreau = hot OFF the ice

I still love Souray.


Oh yes, there was an Oilers game last night. Another shitty ending with the Lames tying up the game with 1.5 seconds to go. Moreau is wearing the goat horns (horrible pass) but The Wall could have had the tying goal. It was deflected but he was square to the shooter, but didn't flop nor squeezed the five hole. Come on Russian, you had a decent game up to that point.

There are good signs even with the loss. This is not the same team that was pushed around last year. They fight, they hit, they forecheck and play hard. I'm so happy to see the forecheck back. It feels like 2006. It's only been 3 games but I'm happy with the play of most of the team so far. need some work. I mean the entire team defense. They are giving up way too many chances in their zone. Close that up, and chances to tie up a game won't be there.

Now, let's look at that photo again.

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