Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Duff Man Returns to Edmonton

After not being able to find a team willing to sign him, little Comrie ends up signing in Edmonton. What?? After the big bust up in 2003, did anyone ever think this would happen? No.

I won't get into a lot of heavy details about why little Comrie demanded a trade but he couldn't handle the pressure of playing in his hometown, couldn't handle any criticism from his coach/GM and yes, he was dicking around with Tommy Salo's wife and yes, Jason Smith kicked his ass. Other media refute this strongly, but it's true. My insider is legit and this is a true story. If not, Jason Smith should not go around telling the story!

Back to the signing, rumor is that it's for 1-1.3 mill and it's a one year deal. The amount is fine, the term is great but the player being signed is not. Although, one could look at his stats and make a case in favor of this signing. Is he better than Pouliot, Nilsson, Brule, and so on? Stats say yes. But the problem is he's a tiny little fella and this team has many of those already. So much for Tambellini's indict of getting bigger and stronger in the off-season.

Pat Quinn, you'd better coach your ass off this year......

So little 89 is an Oiler once again....oh wait, he is not 89 anymore. Our little Sammy Gagner wears number 89. I wonder which one Comrie will take? 666?

Not quite the end to the off-season we all expected, non?


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts... I did a recent breakdown of Nilsson vs. Comrie on my blog a few days ago in anticipation of this signing. Comrie's main advantage is simply more experience and being able to play center. I would probably prefer Nilsson though as he actually looked like a more solid 2-way player and has the upside of being on the upward slope of his career.

Shannon said...

Ugg - I can't decide how to feel. On one hand, I just want to let him have a fresh start, on the other hand, it's Comrie.

Quinn, I'm looking at you. Make it work.

Scarlett said...

Nilsson has an upside for sure, but he's so bloody inconsistant! It's a toss-up. I'll still cheer for the Oilers no matter what, but yikes, they're making it difficult this year.

Hockey Noob said...

Hey, I've made a list of Oilers blogs on my site. If I've missed any let me know! Thnx.


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