Friday, July 31, 2009

The sun is shining......


The Oilers officially declared themselves out of the Heatley trade mess via a late Friday conference call. Nice timing Tambellini. An announcement late on Friday before a long weekend.

In any event, they can now focus on improving the team. Wait a minute? You are happy with the team and might not make any other moves? You think this is a playoff team? Oh my, it wasn't last year and the team is almost identical (switch a goalie, minus a couple nobodies).

You need at least one more centre......someone who can win a freakin' draw. Without Brodziak, you only have Horcoff. Gags and Cogs can't win many draws yet.

I am happy that Cogliano will be staying, and maybe new coaching will improve the team but there are changes to be made. How about that all elusive shooter you're looking for to play with Hemmer? Yeah you forgot? I'm not surprised.

In any event, good riddance Dany boy.

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