Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's clobbering time!

The NHL released it's 2009-2010 schedule and it's not bad for our Oilers. No two months on the road to start the season, few back to backs, no huge road trips (6 is the longest) and home and home series with all the Canadian teams. I'm quite okay with the schedule. One problem: only 4 home games on a Saturday and none after December. That's odd. Lots of Tues/Thurs again which is okay but I'd like to know why the Oilers never seem to get a ton of weekend home games. As a season ticket holder, I'd love to have some more weekend games.

I'll make due with another year of Sheldon Souray (got that Tamby?)!!


RyanB said...

I noticed the lack of Saturday dates too.

Looking at the other western Canadian teams Calgary has 7, 5 on HNIC, and Vancouver 11 all but one of which is on HNIC. It looks like San Jose actually hosts a HNIC game 3 times, odd.

Scarlett said...

Pretty sad when SJ ALMOST hosts more home games on HNIC Canada than the Oil. But it is a better schedule than last year so I'm pretty happy.