Friday, July 24, 2009

Give it up? They rarely do!

One bit of good news for Oiler fans this week: Denis Grebeshkov signs a one year deal worth $3.15 million and avoids arbitration. I don't mind this deal, but would have preferred a 2-3 deal deal instead. A one year deal is good news for Grebs as if he has another good year, he'll get a raise next year (again). Not so good for the Oilers. So far, he has progressed significantly each year and could get a big contract next year.

But let's enjoy the return of our favorite Russian. Sorry Bulin Wall, Grebs is the fave!!!

Well, I almost don't want to talk about this because it's freakin' embarrassing. The Oilers sent some videos to Heatley showcasing the benefits of being an Oiler. Aside from some Hemsky and Gagner magical plays, maybe some shower shots of Souray? That'd entice anyone, straight or not. Right?

Anyways, this whole fiasco is getting out of control. We're now over three weeks and it is apparent he's using the Oilers. He's a cock tease. All you guys know what I'm talking about, right? You've all dated someone like this: she keeps going out with you but won't give it up. She throws a few kisses your way and maybe a little over-the-sweater action, but the clothes stay on and the knees stay closed. She won't give it up.

Heatley is that girl who won't give it up. He needs to sleep on it, he won't reject the Oilers out-right, his agent says he's misunderstood, NHLPA chief says he would seriously consider the Oilers, and so on. He has the Oilers all hot and bothered, and they hope they can get to the promised land if they just stay persistent. If they keep on him, he's going to finally give it up and let them see him naked.

Really, does the cock tease ever give in? Rare.

Walk away Edmonton before you end up with blue balls. Heatley is just a tease.

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