Friday, July 31, 2009

The sun is shining......


The Oilers officially declared themselves out of the Heatley trade mess via a late Friday conference call. Nice timing Tambellini. An announcement late on Friday before a long weekend.

In any event, they can now focus on improving the team. Wait a minute? You are happy with the team and might not make any other moves? You think this is a playoff team? Oh my, it wasn't last year and the team is almost identical (switch a goalie, minus a couple nobodies).

You need at least one more centre......someone who can win a freakin' draw. Without Brodziak, you only have Horcoff. Gags and Cogs can't win many draws yet.

I am happy that Cogliano will be staying, and maybe new coaching will improve the team but there are changes to be made. How about that all elusive shooter you're looking for to play with Hemmer? Yeah you forgot? I'm not surprised.

In any event, good riddance Dany boy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Give it up? They rarely do!

One bit of good news for Oiler fans this week: Denis Grebeshkov signs a one year deal worth $3.15 million and avoids arbitration. I don't mind this deal, but would have preferred a 2-3 deal deal instead. A one year deal is good news for Grebs as if he has another good year, he'll get a raise next year (again). Not so good for the Oilers. So far, he has progressed significantly each year and could get a big contract next year.

But let's enjoy the return of our favorite Russian. Sorry Bulin Wall, Grebs is the fave!!!

Well, I almost don't want to talk about this because it's freakin' embarrassing. The Oilers sent some videos to Heatley showcasing the benefits of being an Oiler. Aside from some Hemsky and Gagner magical plays, maybe some shower shots of Souray? That'd entice anyone, straight or not. Right?

Anyways, this whole fiasco is getting out of control. We're now over three weeks and it is apparent he's using the Oilers. He's a cock tease. All you guys know what I'm talking about, right? You've all dated someone like this: she keeps going out with you but won't give it up. She throws a few kisses your way and maybe a little over-the-sweater action, but the clothes stay on and the knees stay closed. She won't give it up.

Heatley is that girl who won't give it up. He needs to sleep on it, he won't reject the Oilers out-right, his agent says he's misunderstood, NHLPA chief says he would seriously consider the Oilers, and so on. He has the Oilers all hot and bothered, and they hope they can get to the promised land if they just stay persistent. If they keep on him, he's going to finally give it up and let them see him naked.

Really, does the cock tease ever give in? Rare.

Walk away Edmonton before you end up with blue balls. Heatley is just a tease.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's clobbering time!

The NHL released it's 2009-2010 schedule and it's not bad for our Oilers. No two months on the road to start the season, few back to backs, no huge road trips (6 is the longest) and home and home series with all the Canadian teams. I'm quite okay with the schedule. One problem: only 4 home games on a Saturday and none after December. That's odd. Lots of Tues/Thurs again which is okay but I'd like to know why the Oilers never seem to get a ton of weekend home games. As a season ticket holder, I'd love to have some more weekend games.

I'll make due with another year of Sheldon Souray (got that Tamby?)!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A douche to rival the douchery of Pronger? Thy name is Heatley

Dany Heatley demands a trade, then vetoes it. Make a decision. You've spent two days on the decision. You wanted more options. You think Ottawa didn't try hard enough to get a trade. You're blindsided that a deal with Edmonton is in front of you even though the Oilers have stated for a month they are interested and you claimed you would be interested in coming here. You think Ottawa should try harder. You you you you!!!

Walk away Edmonton. Two days ago, I was giddy as a schoolgirl about the prospect of bringing Heatley to Edmonton, but now his true colors are showing. He's a selfish, arrogant prick who thinks of no one but himself. He doesn't get why people are angry with him. He thinks he's being portrayed inaccurately, he's being crucified in the media....blah shut up!

Make a decision!

Say no to the douche!!