Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wing It

Wings are in Edmonton tonight, a potential first round playoff match-up. With 10 games remaining in the regular season, the Oilers are quite firmly in 7th place, 3 pts behind 6th place and a possible Battle of Alberta playoff series. So from here on out, I am cheering for Calgary to keep winning and stay ahead of Vancouver, and for Columbus to lose. We want 6th place so get the hell out of the way! Assholes!

The race is still tight and if the Oilers falter, there is still a decent chance they will miss the playoffs. However, they seem to be getting their game together lately, not withstanding the Minnesota game, and tonight will be a good test for the team. A bonus, most of the teams behind Edmonton are stumbling down the stretch so that is helping.

Roli will get the start again, his 29th consecutive start, and will need to be sharper than his last few games. Roli will be rode more than a lady of the night is during this stretch, at least until a playoff spot is locked up. Only at that point will he get a night off.

I'm calling for an Oilers win tonight. I have a good feeling about the Oilers rebounding from the Minnesota game. Oilers win 3-1.

Update: Interesting story about Hemsky and how he feels he's being under-utilized. Coach wants him to play more defensively, which is fine, but Hemsky feels this at the expense of his offensive play. He also wants more ice-time, wants to carry the load down the stretch and play a more important role. I like that Hemsky is speaking out and he wants more responsibility. Not all players must play defensively. Hemsky is giving up lots of turnovers recently. Is that because the coach is harping on him, making him self-conscious and affecting his play? Let Hemsky be Hemsky....you can't turn every player into a defensive-first player. Give him the freedom to dangle!!!

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