Thursday, March 26, 2009

Денис Гребешков

Denis Grebeshkov and the Oilers are in Phoenix for another big game tonight. After shitting the bed against Detroit in the third period, they should rebound tonight in the desert. The Oilers played a fairly solid game against Detroit but once again, they got outshot terribly and tried to defend a 1-0 lead for the whole game. They upped their forecheck and put pressure on the Wings at times, but they will need more of that in the next two weeks.

Anaheim is one point up on the Oilers and they play tomorrow night. The next four games are crucial for the Oilers: Phoenix, Anaheim, Minnesota, and Anaheim. Ideally, win all four and then you don't need to run the table against teams like SJ, Calgary or Vancouver to finish the season. Win at least 3 of those games, then you only need a few points to finish the season. Make it easy on yourselves boys!!

One of the most important Oilers right now is Grebeshkov. He has been the best defenseman during the past few weeks (along with Souray). His mobility on the blue line is impressive, moving the puck quickly and cleanly. I really hope he is resigned next year and remains an Oiler. I think one of Souray, Visnovsky, Gilbert or Grebs gets moved this summer....of course that depends on Grebeshkov's contract. If they can bring him in a bit cheaper, they could all stay. If not, it's either Grebs or Gilbert that is gone. I'd prefer Grebeshkov over Gilbert simply for his puck movement and mobility.

Oilers vs Phoenix tonight.....must win and by many goals. I expect a blowout. Deliver boys!!!


Shannon said...

A blowout? We can only hope! I just want to see a whole 60 minutes played (by the Oilers!) and 2 points up in the standings.

I spent a friggin' fortune on playoff tickets - I demand results!

Scarlett said...

Man, was I WAYYYYYYYYYYY off?!?!?!

I have my doubts this team will ever play a full 60 minutes during the reign of MacT. What happened to our coach? He never used to be this annoying and perplexing!