Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fernando - The Return

Oilers welcome Columbus to Rexall tonight and Fernando Pisani makes his return to the ice after sitting out for 14 weeks with a broken ankle. Pisani will be playing with Cogliano and Moreau on the third line.

Will he be effective after such a long lay-off? I'm sure they'll manage his ice-time carefully tonight and he won't play big minutes. It would be nice to see a strong return and someone who can help with the power kill which still remains near the bottom at 28th spot (did I see that right on Detroit is 27th on the PK? Gives me hope if that's correct).

The Oilers need some scoring, even strength AND powerplay (20th is not good enough) to get the team into the playoffs. A big game tonight (they are all big from now on) as a win jumps them over Columbus into possibly 6th place.

Make this easy boys.....WIN!!


Shannon said...

These are the Edmonton Oilers we're talking about here. Nothing about this team is easy. We like to take the hard route every time. Sigh.

Scarlett said...

Even the win over the wild was done the hard and stressful way. I keep hoping they'll find their way and make it easy, but let's face it, not gonna happen! lol