Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oilers vs Capitals

Edmonton travels to Washington to play the Caps tonight. Edmonton just finished a home stretch where they went 3-2. They didn't play great but got a few wins out of it. They now head into a town where they have not win since 1997. The only good news is that Hemsky is traveling and skating with the team. That is good news and maybe this means he could play on the road trip. That 'mild' concussion has kept Hemmer out since Dec 28th. The team has not looked good during that period so his return will be very welcome!

With such a mediocre stretch of hockey, the Oilers are only TWO points out of the 8th playoff spot. The Oilers play two teams they are either tied with or ahead of them in the standings on their three game road trip. After Washington, they head to Minnesota and Colorado. While we expect the Oilers to be in tough for a win against the Caps, they have a good chance against the Wild and Avs. These are two games they MUST win.

It'll be a tough game tonight, especially since they haven't won there in over a decade. Plus, they have the Ovechkin factor. If I were to ever like anyone else (I'm an Oiler-only fan), this is the guy I would go for. He's physical, gritty and wow he's got skill. But is anyone else getting annoyed with his goal celebrations yet? Celebrate great goals, yes. Celebrate game-tying or winning goals, yes. But going crazy for the 5th goal in a 5-1 win is ridiculous and not even borderline disrespectful. He's being an ass. Stop. You're getting into Crosby territory (with his fake-dying). If you do that again, I want Souray to one-punch you unconscious!

Since the Oilers haven't won in Washington since '97, let's go out on a limb and say they win. They almost got the W last year. Remember when it went into a shootout. I can't remember how long it went, but it was something like 10 players each?? Crazy.


Update: Horcoff is fighting the flu and will be a game-time decision!


Shannon said...

Good call on the win :')

It was a good game! Relaxed, organized, and Big Mac got a goal and Ovechkin didn't. Life is good!

Scarlett said...

I had a feeling they would come out flying. As long as they held the fort for the first ten minutes, I figured they would win. Good game by all !