Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oilers vs Bluejackets

The Bluejackets are in town tonight in a big game before the all-star break. The Oilers are tied for the 8th playoff spot with Minnesota but a win tonight could vault them into a tie for 5th with Anaheim and Vancouver. Yes, the west (as usual) is that frickin' tight so this is such a big game. A loss does not mean they are out of it but we'd sure like to see them make things a bit easier on themselves. Like everyone else, I'm tired of the Oilers taking the bumpier road. Get on the paved road boys!!!!

Hemsky returned on Sunday in the game against Phoenix. First, what a great night for Glenn Anderson and his sweater retirement ceremony. It took way too long for that man to get into the Hall of Fame. I believe many of the Oilers were sporting cheesy 'staches in honor of him. They were some of the ugliest 'staches in the history of the 'stache! It was awesome!

Back to Hemsky, he made his return on Sunday and damn, what a game from our star player. He scored 2 goals, one was another highlight reel goal. Moreau got a hat trick (no, that is not an error)....first of his career. But it was Hemsky who was the game-breaker. Everytime he was on the ice, he made something happen. He rejuvenated his linemates, and Penner had one of his best games in weeks, maybe months. He was tough on the boards, fighting for the puck and actually skating to keep up to the play. Wow, I wish he'd play like that every game.

This team is all about Hemsky. So watch out for Torres who returns to Edmonton for the first time tonight. We don't want to see a high hit that takes Hemmer out for another 10 game spell. He's too important!

Sabourin has been waived and will probably end up in the AHL.


Shannon said...

Hmm, Torres is back, is he? Yes, here's hoping he doesn't get Hemsky too HIGH. We wouldn't want to get his nose too far out of joint ... snort

Sorry - I couldn't help myself, Scarlet :')

Bruce said...

We're looking for an Oilers writer at The Hockey Writers (thehockeywriters.com), drop by if you're interested.

Scarlett said...

Yes, we all know about his nose problems! hahahahaha

d said...

Good one, Shannon. Good one!