Monday, December 08, 2008

Schremp - 3 games, 3 points, +2

So Schremp finally got a call-up last week from the Oilers. He has so far played in three games and has 3 points including a wicked pass to Pouliot in his first game against Dallas. While he didn't play well against San Jose (that is a long list and not exclusive to Rob), his other two games were fantastic. He looked nervous in the first period against Dallas but got his footing and had 2 assists. It's nice to see the Oilers give him a legitimate chance, not shoving him on the fourth line and playing five minutes. He actually has NHL linemates and getting second line minutes (13-14 mins). His call-up time depends on the injuries to Nilsson and Gagner but I think most Oiler fans have liked what they've seen so far. We want to see more and if this can be sustained.

The Oilers are riding a three game winning streak, their first since starting the season 4-0. Yes it's been a long time coming but it hasn't been the best hockey. They blew a 3-0 lead against LA but won in the shootout. They were outshot dramatically against San Jose (43-17) but Roloson stole the game for them and they won in overtime. So now the Oilers have several days off before starting a stretch of 12 home games in 15 so this is the time to gain some momentum. If they can't, talk of MacT's demise will surface again and should be taken very seriously. If they aren't, this team is not in it to win and I find that disgusting. I pay big bucks for my season tickets and two losing seasons is enough. If MacT is not the man, find one who is. Enough already!

This is the stretch they've been telling fans to be patient it is! 12 of 15 games at home so bring it!! Many of the games are against teams they should be able to beat: 3 games against the Luongo-less Canucks, Panthers, Coyotes, Preds, Isles, Blues, etc. They should win at least 10 of the games easily but nothing has come easy for this team this season. Prepare for anything folks.

One more thing: Sean Avery. I'm not sure how everyone is feeling about this but I'm thinking he got a raw deal. Anyone else? Yes, what he said was stupid, inappropriate, disgusting, etc. But seriously, he gets 6 games for comments off the ice while certain players (ahem Celine) get nothing for blatant head shots. And of course Dallas has been throwing Avery under the bus, blaming him for their season woes and he's the perfect scapegoat, isn't he? The whole team, even the coach, are sticking him with their problems. Well, I don't think Avery plays goal does he? He's not your sniper? You have more problems and can't blame it all on Avery. Now Dallas needs to decide what to do. I think they should let him play. He's a decent hockey player, so suck it up Dallas. Otherwise, whatever. I hate seeing even assholes like Avery getting a raw deal. He's an ass, no doubt about that, but he's gotten screwed over in this situation.

Oilers play Florida on Thursday. This is a game they should win.


Gord said...

What I find ridiculous about the Avery thing is that what he said should never be said in polite society & definitely never around children.

Yet whenever I turned on the sports news - the media was playing the quote non-stop.

That quote should have been turned over to Dallas management for suitable punishment. But to air it non-stop then the league suspends Avery because everyone heard it - that is mind boggling...

Shannon said...

I am no fan of Avery, but I don't think non-hockey related comments said off ice should mean on ice suspension. And, I agree Gord: enough with the replays. We got the point!

Hopefully the Oil can pull up their socks and steal a few games. And, how much do I love Roli!?

Scarlett said...

Yes, I don't need to hear it over and over again. Enough.

Shannon, your Roli is kicking ass! I'm loving him too!

hunter1909 said...

MacTavish wants to ruin Schremp to prove that he's top dog.