Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Oilers are hosting the Chicago Blackhawks tonight and I'm curious which team will show up. The one who was physical and competed quite well against Vancouver or the other team who forgets to forecheck, gets few shots on net, can't kill a penalty and has no passion (we've seen that team much too often).

The Oilers have won 4 of their last 5 games so that is a positive start. But let's face it, Roli and Hemsky have been carrying this team. I'd like to see more contribution from some other players. Visnovsky and Souray have been excellent thus far this season, and I think both are getting better. I love the way Lubo carries the puck and I'd like to see the coaching staff encourage him to carry the puck into the offensive zone more often. He is so smooth and exciting.

So I think the Oilers might win tonight as long as Hemsky and Roli carry the ship.

Update: Garon gets the start tonight. Good, I hope they get him back in there on a regular rotation. You need to find out if this is your goalie of the future. It's nice that Roloson is playing well, but we all know this is his last year in Edmonton and will be gone by the trade deadline. Give Garon a real chance if possible....let's find out what he can do!


Shannon said...

I'd like to give JDD a chance, actually. As you know, I don't love Garon, but I think the future rests in JDD. He played with pomp and circumstance and I like that in a goalie :')

I love how well Roli has been doing, so I guess we'll see what Garon can do.

Oh, and Souray? No more stupid penalties, 'kay? Thanks.

Scarlett said...

I agree...give someone a chance. I love Roli but we need to see the others if they have some skillz!