Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Miracle?

Okay, the Oilers host Phoenix tonight and this should be an easy victory but nothing has come easy this year.

After the loss to the Ducks in the shootout on Friday, MacT threw another player under the bus, Robert Nilsson, and then drove over him again and again. Nilsson got a chance to play on the top line but was benched midway throught he second period since he was a "non-competor" according to the coach.

I must disagree with the coach on this one. Sure, Nilsson floats at times but this is bullshit. He called out a player that has been pulling a decent amount of his weight this year, and certainly when compared to others (hello Gagner). Sure, we'd prefer to see more than 10 points but I think that low point total is in direct correlation to the many different line combinations we've seen this year. We all know MacT has his favorites and Nilsson has NEVER been one of them. Gagner has received a FREE pass all season long while Penner and Nilsson get thrown under the pass, called out publicly and bashed. I don't mind players getting called out but do it fairly. Gagner has not been benched nor scratched once this year. I'm tired of his non-competing too so let's call him out too. Why not? Oh yes, he's young and we're scared to damage him. Bullshit. If Nilsson is benched, Gagner should follow suit. He's been a dead-weight all year long (he seemed to wake up last game playing with Cole).

I personally like Nilsson and think he has a lot of talent. Sure, he could be playing with more passion BUT that's the job of the coach to get that out of him. According to MacT, he's talked with Nilsson many times but I get the sense that Nilsson either had no idea or it wasn't pressed upon him heavily enough. It's too bad he's probably sitting out tonight. I hate seeing players getting fucked over while others get a free pass. Bash them all Craig, or don't bash any!!!!!

Anyways, Oilers need to come out strong tonight and win. I don't want to go out again in -30 celcius weather to see them lose. I'm tired of it. Maybe Santa shows up and gives them the gift of victory? I'm willing to go with it.

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