Monday, December 15, 2008

All you get is 4 games!

Yes, Rob Schremp has been sent back to the AHL after playing four games (scratched in one game). He played quite well in three of the four games, had three assists and aside from the San Jose game where he didn't play well (then again, that was a long list), he was improving. Of course, until MacT nailed his ass to the bench against Florida late in the game. Gagner didn't even spend a whole game on the fourth line and was moved up when Rob was benched.

I think this was what we expected from the Oilers: give him an adequate chance until Gagner was back from his concussion. But it didn't take long for Gagner to get back on his line....let's be honest, he didn't play his way back up as I thought he should have. I was hoping for some tough love for Gagner. He's been given lots of chances so far this season and he is so lost out there. He is dead weight right now. Sure he's "trying" or it'll come.

One more thing: why is Reddox still up and Schremp down? Oh yes, we need "energy" fourth liners. Of course. *bullshit* It's funny that I'm depending him since I was never a big fan due to all the hype but I hate to see players screwed over. He has earned a spot in the line-up.

Anyways, I think Schremp played well that he'll get another call-up down the road this season. This was a very good stepping stone and maybe this facilitates a trade??

I'm off for an Oilers focus group (from a group of season ticket holders). I have no idea what we're discussing but I'm excited. I love to give my opinion!!

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