Friday, November 28, 2008

Vote of Confidence or Not?

After another dismal showing by the Oilers against the LA Kings which was their 5 loss in 6 games, it appears the wagons are circling for the Silver Fox or are they?

Yesterday, Spector reported that

"A high ranking source within the organization said Thursday that the Oilers will make a trade to try to shake up their lineup before firing their head coach..."

A veteran Oilers player, who requested anonymity added: "Maybe a trade, then the coach. After this long, a change might be good."

So if you believe this, a trade is coming in hopes of shaking up the team. If that doesn't work, the coach is out. There has been talk about who this unnamed player is. I have no idea but I like the idea that someone is finally speaking out. The media has been very easy with MacT this year. I haven't heard anyone call him out for some of his weird moves and why I think he should be canned and soon (Pisani to center, Cole to the wrong wing, Garon sitting, Smid as a forward, bringing up non-offensive players from the AHL, etc). It's nice to see something happening.

Although, MacT did get a vote of confidence today from Tambellini. He has confidence the team will turn it around. Although I did think it wasn't a ringing endorsement of MacT but he did put it out there he has confidence in the team. My favorite part was that the team practiced really hard leading up to their disastrous loss to the LA Kings. I like hearing how our team only plays hard when it doesn't count. Great stuff!!

Anyways, a trade is up first (if you believe the source). Who goes? Who do they get? Hell, who can they get at this point?

I think Roloson is the tradebait or he should be. Maybe Garon will get back in net (check this other story out about one of the reasons he could be sitting....damn interesting if they are indeed not letting him use his goalie coach from last year when he played awesome)!!!

Oilers are in St. Louis tomorrow at noon then Dallas on Sunday. Yes, another back-to-back game on the road. Will the team wake from their coma in time??

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