Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Season Preview from Deutschland

Greetings my fellow Oilers' fans, I'm in Germany right so my post will be brief. I won't be home until after the start of the new season, will be missing quite a few games, so I'll be updating from Germany.

Souray is our new alternate captain, which I like. Okay, I just like all things related to Souray and people, get off his back. He hasn't pulled a Moreau yet so back off. If he misses two seasons, then you can get on him. I liked what I saw in the pre-season, Souray looked really good so I'm expecting good things for him this season.

It looks like neither Shremp nor Brule will make this team since they claimed some unknown tough guy from Florida. I've never heard of this guy so I'm not sure what to make of it. I think Shremp has finally earned his chance and he'll play quite a few games this year. Someone will get injured and he gets the first call, as long as he plays well in the AHL.

Hemmer is going to light it up with Cole and Horcoff. This line is going to fly along with the Kid Line, if MacT leaves them alone. It should be great years for both, and there will not be the sophmore jinx.

There are goalie issues. We have three of 'em kicking around. Garon is our number one and I think he continues his play from last year (sorry Garon haters, he is not sucking this year). Roli will get traded by February probably.....but he might end up playout out the year. I think the Oilers will be fighting for the division lead and Roli may stick with the team if that is the case.

So yes, Oilers will be fighting for the division lead with Minnesota, Calgary finishes third, and possibly out of the the playoffs, depending on the rest of the West. Oilers definitely make the playoffs, win at least one round and set themselves up for a great couple of years!!!

Book it!


the weaz said...

Consider me booked.

d said...

Scarlett! Look at you keeping up with the blog while overseas. You'll be happy to know the Oil fans are off to a great season due to the 6-0 kicking o' butt of the Flamers last night. Never mind that it was the Canucks that did the kicking. Be safe over there and enjoy. The Oilers await your return.

Scarlett said...

I am a diehard Oilers fan....what can I say? I think of them constantly, even more that I've been over here.

I hear they won the first game but it was ugly. Details people!!!!

Shannon said...

Update your blog!!!