Sunday, September 21, 2008

And let there be hockey!

The Oilers training camp started on Friday with medicals and yesterday with scrimmages. The Joey Moss Cup is being played right now with team Blue leading the Whites (Penner and Nilsson for Blue and Cole for White). This is a very exciting time for us Oiler fans. We've been without hockey for ~171 days. That is a loooong time! I guarantee we won't have that much time between hockey next year. This team makes the playoffs: no doubt about it!

I think this will be a breakout year for the team, and they'll fight for the division title with a very good chance of winning it. The other teams in the division did not improve their teams over the summer, and you could even say some of them are worse off this year. Calgary is one team that comes to mind: trading Tanguay and signing Bertuzzi were the two big moves. Neither one improves the team and the team could possibly miss the playoffs if Kipper plays like he did last year. One can only hope.......

Back to our Oilers: with new players Visnovsky, Cole, Brule, Potulny coming to town and with some other prospects (Schremp)....the team has some nice depth. This should be Hemsky's breakout year. Looks like Cole will be tried out on his wing but knowing MacT and his blender, don't get used to seeing that as things will change and change. And change.....

The first pre-season game is tomorrow and I shall be sitting in my season seat ready to cheer loud for my Oil. 171 days between hockey games.......bring on the Oil.



the weaz said...

Thank God for the live streaming online feed. I'm going to watch as much as I can. I am jonesing like crazy to watch the Oilers. When I checked out the lineup for tonight I got totally stoked.

This is going to be a great year.

Shannon said...

How was the game? What were your initial impressions? Are the new guys worth the money and hype?

Scarlett said...

Visnovsky has some skill, that's for sure. A little oops when it comes to defense but a killer offensively. I love the way he skates.

Cole looked great with Hemsky and Horcoff. That's going to be a great line, along with the kid line I saw the other night. Keep those two lines together and damn, this team is going to score.

Souray also looked fantastic. Plus Garon and Roli....I'm all over the optimism right now. It's going to be a great year!

MMMMMM HOCKEY!!!! Thank you for returning. My drug of choice!!!