Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Joining the Boys on the Bus.....

Glenn Anderson, who was finally selected to the Hockey Hall of Fame this year, will be getting his night at Rexall Place! Glenn will join fellow Oilers in the rafters on January 18th! Yes I'm excited. This will be my fourth retirement ceremony: Fuhr, Coffey, Messier and now Anderson.

Even though Messier and Fuhr were (and are) my favorite players, Anderson was the most exciting player to watch and my playoff-favorite. He was fearless; driving and crashing the net with abandon.

I was slightly worried this ceremony night would take place in October, when I was in Germany. But whew, it's not until January when the Coyotes (and Gretzky) are in town. It'll be a special night for sure. Maybe the boys will actually win a ceremony night?

In any case, the excitement for the upcoming season, which I thought couldn't get any higher, is making it hard to concentrate at work. I think all of Edmonton has such high expectations for this team and they are not unfounded. This team is young, exciting and will only get better. Even though I'll miss the first month of the season since I'll be in Europe, I can't wait for the season to start. I'll get to catch the pre-season games before I take off and the good news is that I'll only miss 3 games while I'm gone. I was nervous I'd be missing out on 7 or 8 games but three cheers for the road trip!!!



the weaz said...

It is indeed an optimistic time to be an Oilers fan. New looking team, new GM and a new owner. Thing are for sure looking up. The hockey magazine has the Oil finishing third in the conference this year... and the flamers finishing 10th

Scarlett said...

3rd? I could see that happening. This team is going to surprise some.

Oh Calgary, they're going to fail bigtime this year. Christmas wishes do come true!!

David S said...

I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure this is a PPV game. Who woulda thought?

Nice blog Scarlett.

Scarlett said...

Yup it's on PPV. They seem to be putting big games like this on PPV. Can't blame them...make some good money on it.

I'm glad I'll get to see it in person.