Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Hockey Operations Structure

I just got an email update from the Oilers with that tag line and it s on TSN's website now.

Kevin Lowe is now the President of the Edmonton Oilers. Gone is Laforge (I guess) since there is no mention of him in the announcement.

VP Kevin Prendergast is now the Assistant Manager.

We have a new GM folks: Steve Tambellini is now the man. He's been in the Canucks organization for years according to the email. I really don't know anything about him (didn't he do some work with Team Canada?).

I'm not sure what to think of this move. I really liked Lowe's moves this summer. He really redeemed himself after the past couple years of questionably deals. So just when I was enjoying his skillful moves this summer, he gets bumped upstairs and we have a new GM in town.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 1 - Canada Day and Le Free Agent Frenzy

Happy Canada Day and happy free agent frenzy day as well. There has been a trade already involving our Oilers, even before the frenzy has begun.

Raffi Torres has been traded to Columbus for Gilbert Brule. This looks like a salary dump or they're clearing the decks for some free agent signings. According to Dan Barnes at the Journal, the Oilers plan to get into the Hossa sweepstakes big time and offer at least 9 million dollars a year. I'm torn on this since I truly believe Hossa is the type of player our Ales Hemsky needs to play with. But 9 million? I don't like that at all.

But with the trades of Stoll, Torres, Greene and of course Pitkanen will be gone soon, there might be cap room for a move like that. The bigger issue is does Hossa even want to come here? Even during Visnovsky's conference call yesterday, he mentioned the cold and winter of Edmonton. Maybe we should tell everyone that we're in a major heat wave right now?

Anyways, let the frenzy begin!!!

Update: Pitkanen is off to Carolina for winger Erik Cole (4 million cap hit who has one year left on his deal. I hope there is an extension coming too. One year of Cole against several of Pitkanen is NOT a good deal).