Sunday, June 29, 2008

Welcome Lubomir...

I was just talking about the Oilers today and the possible trades they would make on Canada Day! Well they beat me to it but I thought Stoll and Greene would be gone.

And poof, they are outta here.

In return, the Oilers get Lubomir Visnovsky from the LA Kings. According to TSN, the Oilers also will be taking on his five-year, US$28-million contract extension he signed in July 2007.

I originally thought he was a Czech but nope, he's Slovakian. Cool, we have some Czechs and a Slovak now....Czechoslovakia baby!!!

I think this means Pitkanen is going to be gone on Canada Day. I can't see them signing him for the 5 million he wants if they just got Visnovsky. Pitkanen can snag the Oilers a top 6 forward. So that should be good news!!!

I'm thrilled that Greene is gone. Finally, I've been championing his departure for several years now. All I have to say: dreams do come true.

I feel bad for Stoll. I like him as a player, well not last year. He was a piece of crap. I thought he might bounce back this year, but that was a big maybe. He needed a change of scenery and plus, he's closer to his cougar-girlfriend Rachel Hunter. So it all works out for the best!

Welcome to Edmonton Lubomir Visnovsky!

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Shannon said...

I am just a little bit heart broken about losing Stolly, but I'll cheer for him no matter what. Too bad he such a crap year last year.

It's too bad about Pitkanen, but the new guy sounds good.

Just don't get rid of Roli!!