Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is it finally his time? (YES IT IS)!

Is it finally time for Glenn Anderson to enter the Hockey Hall of Fame? It damn well better be.....he's been eligible since 1999. 9 years of waiting is too long especially when he's been passed over for lesser players. Yes lesser players were chosen over Anderson. They include Neely, Lafontaine, Francis, MacInnis, Duff, Murphy, Gillies, Federko, Langway, Hawerchuk, Gartner, and the list goes on. All these players have made the Hall in years that Anderson was eligible. Anderson's numbers were superior to all of them, and more importantly, his pressense in the playoffs was off the charts.

Why he is not in the Hall? There are many reasons listed as a possiblity: he benefitted from a skilled Oilers team, he wasn't friendly with the media, he's a deadbeat dad, etc. I'm still confused why any of these reasons would ever be brought up. You don't need to be a good father to get into the Hall. It's based on your hockey career (or should be entirely) but people keep bringing up all these factors. His numbers alone should have gotten him into the Hall.

I can't see him being denied another year. His numbers along with his Stanley and Canada Cups should be enough to get him in. Check the list of eligible players and their stats. Anderson should get over the hump due to his Cups.

My favorite memories of Glenn was when he was flying down the ice, cutting into the middle, splitting the defense, crashing the net and shooting the puck into the net. I grew up in Manitoba where we didn't hear the rumours and information about his personal life. All I knew growing up was that he was a helleva hockey player. That is how he should be judged today.

Announcement will come at 3:30 (et) and his eight year wait should be over.

UPDATE: Welcome to the Hall of Fame Glenn Anderson!



d said...

3 cheers for Glenn!

Scarlett said...

Yes, I can't wait for his number 9 to join the rest in the rafters! That'll be sweet to see!