Sunday, May 18, 2008

Canada vs Russia

Surprisingly, this is the first time that Canada and Russia will face off in the World Championship gold medal game in 50 years. Yes, not since 1958 has there been a Canada-Russia final at the worlds (psst, Canada won that game and it wasn't exactly the gold medal game. It was the last game of the round robin). This is quite surprising but Russia has really sucked and hasn't won the worlds since 1993. So they will be super motivated for today's final. So will Canada, as they try to become the first team since 1986 to win the big game at home. This is going to be a killer game.

Russia is our hockey nemesis. Sorry US, it's not you. So this is the final everyone wanted to see. Too bad it's starting in the morning instead of being shown prime-time. They didn't want to compete with the Stanley Cup playoffs but you could at least put the gold medal game at a later time. It's one game. It's not like they're going head-to-head with the Stanley Cup Finals. The idiots at the IIHL need to get their heads examined for this decision. All of Canada's games during the tournament were also played during the afternoon. I guess they don't realize many of us have jobs and can't watch it. Good thing the final is on Sunday.

Anyways, this final will probably be one of the best ones in recent years. I'm excited!

Prediction: CANADA WINS of course by a score of 5-3. 2 goals from Heatley, 1 from Nash, 1 from Spezza and an empty netter for Getzlaf.

UPDATE: Dirty cheatin' Russians win. They score in OT on a penalty (bullshit call). Oh and our goalie sucked ass. Cam Ward: YOU SUCK! Seriously, Canada was up 4-2 heading into the third and he lets in 2 shit goals. Oh and also are full of suck.

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