Friday, April 11, 2008

Signed for 6 (and 3)

Tom Gilbert has just been signed to a contract for six years. According to TSN, it is worth $4 million a year for 6 years. I like the deal. It sounds quite reasonable especially considering he was the Oilers best defenseman all year and he was a rookie. Yes, impressive!

I would think Lowe goes after Pitkanen next (although I heard he had started negotiations with three people prior to today's signing. Probably is Stoll and Pitkanen left and maybe Glencross who is our big UFA). Of course, there is still possibly Reasoner.

Anyways, I'm happy. I adore Gilbert. He's a very good defenseman.

TSN had a stupid conclusion in the story:

Edmonton now has a decision to make on Joni Pitkanen. The 24-year-old can become a restricted free agent and the Gilbert signing creates some doubt about the Oilers bringing him back.

I certainly don't think the signing of Gilbert affects whether they sign Pitkanen or not. Joni's uncertainty is due to money; not the lack of salary cap room (due to the signing of Gilbert) but more to the unreasonable salary demands of Joni and how he is not worth anything over $4 at this point in time. I'd rather the Oil sign him to a one year deal; see him develop a bit more before they sign him. Gilbert developed big time for us. Joni needs more improvement to get the big contract. I do find him quite the dynamic player and he can shift into the offensive zone quickly. However, he sucks defensively. He needs more work on his game before he gets big money.

UPDATE: Nilsson is signed to a three-year, $5.5 million contract so a 1.8 cap hit. I like this deal too. Nilsson proved himself and he's got killer chemistry with Cogliano and Gagner. That line is going to kill for years to come! Good deals!!

More info on Gilbert's contract: Gilbert will earn $3.5 million next season with a $1.5 million signing bonus, $3.5 million in 2009-2010, $5.5 million with a $1.5 million signing bonus in 2010-2011, $5 million in 2011-2012, $3.5 million in 2012-2013, and $3 million in 2013-2014 for a salary cap average of $4 million a season.

Nilsson will earn $1.5 million next season and $2 million in each remaining season.

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the weaz said...

I'm glad the Oilers made Gibby their first item of off season business. I like the guy he was solid all year long for us.

And on a personal note, our family has their collective poop on a group and we're going to get the blog back up and running in the next few weeks. Sorry for the abrupt disappearance.