Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Battle of Alberta Part Deux

Battle of Alberta tonight again....Oilers must win to stay in the race for the playoffs! With only two games left, gotta win em both to stand a chance. The Oilers got a nice win over these very same Lames this past weekend.

Frankenstein (aka Pitkanen) is in tonight. Apparently, his groin is good to go! Alas, Garon is not playing tonight again. Roloson had a very solid game against Calgary so hopefully he can keep it up for another couple games.

I'm calling a HUGE win for the Oil.....they're going to kick the Lames and Celine all over that ice! 4-1 for the Oil.


Shannon said...

I hope you're right!

Above all else, let's not be in 9th position and 1 point out.

I'll cry like a baby!

Scarlett said...

Nope we won't be 1 point out, I doubt that!