Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vancouver vs Edmonton: Game On!

Big game tonight......Vancouver is in town tonight and with a victory in regulation tonight, the Oilers will be only 3 points behind them for a playoff spot. Winning 10 of 12 games, the Oilers are looking to stay hot. Roloson started three straight and won them all. But I think MacT has to go back to Garon tonight for a couple reasons: Roloson did not look sharp on Tuesday night against Phoenix and Garon stole a couple games against Vancouver earlier this season.

So our kids continue to keep this team rolling with Gagner, Cogliano, Gilbert, Nilsson, Brodziak and Glencross playing as seasoned veterans....there is an excellent chance tonight for a W.

A win tonight.....the bandwagon will fill up again! GO OILERS!!

Update: ROLI STARTS TONIGHT!! I'm shocked.....


d said...

Sigh. I just checked the score. Is Roli to blame?

Scarlett said...

YES! A few bad goals, but he wasn't the only one sucking. Oil couldn't get any great scoring chances even though they dominated the play. Damn!