Saturday, March 22, 2008

It finally makes sense.....

Looks like Garon has been fighting an injury over the past week (lower body) and that is the reason Roloson has started the last four games instead. I'm not sure this is why Roli has started all four games but it must be the reason for the Vancouver start. Garon had played excellent against that team all year. Roli had three starts in a row so starting Roloson for a fourth time was inexplicable even though he had won three games in a row. However, his last start against Phoenix was not a great game so I think we all figured Garon was back in net. So I guess MacT isn't the complete idiot we all thought.....he was hampered by an injury to his goalie. It must not be serious since no other goalie has been called up and Garon was backing Roli up on each of those starts.

TSN also reported that Garon did not practice Friday. Does that mean he doesn't start Saturday's big game against Colorado? Only MacT knows I guess......

Big game tomorrow folks. They are 5 pts behind Colorado for the 8th spot so another chance to get within 3 pts of the playoffs. They choked on Thursday. The team looked very tight and cautious in the early parts of the game. Okay kids, go back to not worrying about it and just have fun. You're a fun team to watch and as long as you compete hard, that's all we ask.

I predict an Oilers matter who is in net. The team is going to rebound hard and play a tough game. Oil win 3-1 (goals from Gilbert, Hemsky and Penner).


Shannon said...

Who would have guessed even a few weeks ago that we would find ourselves within 3 points of the playoffs? Amazing!

Take that, Burke!

And, Go Oil! It's great hockey to watch - just keep it up!

Scarlett said...

No kidding. We're out of the lottery pick race that was consuming us and now we're actually in the mix. Freaky!!!!!

Minnesota tonight....damn I hate that team. Please please please let Roli play hard! We need a big game from him tonight!

d said...

We beat Minny! We beat Minny! But my joy is dampened by stupid Calgary not bothering to play hockey.

Scarlett said...

Of course, you always count on Calgary to screw one way or another. This time they do it by losing.

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