Saturday, March 29, 2008

Battle of Alberta

I found a nice old Oilers goal just in time for tonight's big game! Gee Messier can score on the Lames in any fashion! Good Messier!!!

Oilers are 2 points behind Vancouver/Nashville for that last 8th spot but they both have games in hand on the Oilers. Last night's sloppy loss to the Avs really hurts but the Oil have to put it out of their minds, just go out and kick some Lames' ass. They were always a longshot to make the playoffs and it's still not beyond them. Just go out, play well and win. No pressure! :)

I'm assuming Roli is starting again. I think we can all agree he was Red Light Roli last night (thanks D) and embarrassing in the shootout. Not much the Oil can do but play him if Garon is still injured.

I'm calling a good Oilers win.....4-2 for the Oil. Hemmer, Cogs, Gags and Brodziak get the goals.


d said...

Sweet goal. Took me by surprise, too. The Oilers need that tonight, plus 300 more goals just to be safe.

I'm still mad at them and I'm considering punishing them by not watching the game!!

This is it, baby.

Scarlett said...

Don't punish the team, they love you! lol

It was a crazy game last night D! I hope you watched a part of it, it was nerve-wracking!!!!!