Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Zach Attack....

The Oilers are in Nashville tonight and what are we to expect?? They have won 4 of 6 games but more importantly, they are a scrappy team again. Yes, they are intense, emotional, physical and gritty. This is the Oilers team we all know and love. Yes they had gone missing for awhile but in the past couple weeks, they have found their way home. When you even have Gags fighting, you know this team has gotten their edge back. I am lovin' it.

The Oilers have lost to the Predators six times in a row (I have no explanation....they're like Minnesota. They have our number and it's unexplainable). BUT, I think tonight is the night to end the losing streak. The Oil are going to bring the heat tonight!!

And this brings us to Zach Stortini. A few months ago, I (along with most Oiler fans) questioned his place on this team. He had trouble skating, couldn't fight (huggy bear or Sir Hugs A Lot) and seemed lost out there. Fast forward a few months, Zach has become an integral part of this team. His fourth line (with Brodziak, whom I absolutely adore, and Glencross) are lighting it up, not only in the hits department but on the scoreboard. They're actually carrying this team at times. They're taking the lead, and the rest of the team is following. They've all stepped up their intensity and physical play. This is Oilers hockey!!! I think we're all loving it! While they lost the Vancouver game, damn it was fun to watch. Aside from some shitty refereeing, it was a damn good game. We need this to continue!

Oilers win tonight 4-1 with the Zack Attack line scoring 2 goals along with Hemmer and Gags.

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