Monday, February 04, 2008

To Suck or Not to Suck....that is the Oilers' question!

Oilers are officially screwed!! Yes Shawn Horcoff is now out with season-ending shoulder surgery. All together now: FUCK!!!

So are the Oilers doomed to finish in the bottom five and give that dick Burke a lottery pick? All signs are pointing to that very scenario!! I suppose there is an outside chance that the team will rally together, led by Hemsky (sorry Horcoff-lovers, this team is Hemsky). Maybe Schremp will finally get a call-up but I'm not holding my breathe. We all know how much MacT 'loves' Robbie. And of course by love....I mean hate.

Tonight: Oilers vs Lames/Shames. I won't even venture a guess as to how badly the Oilers lose this one.....maybe they'll surprise me?

Update: CUJO starts tonight for the Lamers.....looks like Edmonton has a chance in this game!

Update: Well well well, did I call this or what? Cujo gets his ass kicked tonight and the Oilers win 5-0. Yes that is the correct score! Oilers were physical, dominant, and full of energy. Hemsky, Gagner, Garon and Moreau were fantastic!! I haven't been to such a great game in weeks. Good job Oilers....Rexall was rocking tonight especially during that mini-brawl in the third period. And refs....if the goalies wanna go, let them next time. We almost got a Joseph-Garon fight. Damn refs wouldn't let Joseph near Garon.



d said...

My interest in this game has been renewed with Cujo in net. Forgot about him.

Go Garon.

Scarlett said...

I enjoyed Cujo getting his ass kicked tonight. I have not had such an enjoyable night in months!!

d said...

Best game ever! This morning I also realized that I never noticed Jarome once! So much for the mighty Jarome. I did notice that the Lames lost big time, though!

Err, I hope we can repeat this performance on Saturday. Crossing my fingers...

Scarlett said...

I forgot he was on this team until someone in the third period said, where is Iginla. He was Mister Invisible!

Yes repeat!!!!!

Shannon said...

I didn't notice Jarome, either! Sheesh - he was invisible.

It was a good game, and it was nice to win for a change. How long can it last, do you think?

Oh yes, I love Cujo! Maybe he'll play Saturday night, too.

BTW - to the dude in our section yelling Cujo sucks - "BE MORE ORIGINAL!!!"

d said...

How about them Oilers??

Scarlett said...

Some dudes have no brain function so they go with simple! Cujo sucks! True dat!

Yeah wassup with them Oilers? Proud to be an Oilers fan this week! Hopefully I still am next week!

Lady_Byng said...

Even though the boys lost the re-match, I am still glowing from Monday's win. Moreau's elbow and beat down of Dion was the greatest moment of this season so far!
Didn't have a chance to watch Saturday's game, but I hear Moreau was at it with Dion again? WOOT

Scarlett said...

Moreau was at him again and it was beautiful to watch! Although every time he moves, I'm scared he's gonna break something!