Friday, February 01, 2008

See you Dick!

BIG TRADE!!!! Okay it's not but still a trade actually occured in the NHL. Yes that is big news. Anyways, Dick is gone to Columbus and in his place is Curtis Glencross. Who? Exactly....who the hell is this guy? A winger with 12 points. Yes that is exactly what this team needs: more mediocre talent. I love the "assets" from TSN that he can "score goals on occassion." I wonder what kind of occassion? Maybe leap years? Christmas? Birthdays??

So we basically got a 26 year old prospect who has spent the majority of his time in the minors. Oh well, salary dump.

The Dallas Stars are in town tonight and all signs point to another embarrassing loss. With Horcoff and Hemsky banged up with shoulder and wrist problems, and Souray on the IR, this team will be hard-pressed to scrape out a win tonight. I'd just love a good hard-fought game. Wins are not important anymore, just compete!!!


d said...

Yup, just as I thought, 4-1 loss. Woo hoo, boys. Monday's game is going to be very painful.

Scarlett said...

After that first period, I thought yes, now this is Oilers hockey. No no no....Oilers hockey showed up in the second and third periods. Why can't they put 60 mins of effort in???

I'm hoping they try again for Monday's game. How can they not get up for a Lames game??? They are our nemesis!

Shannon said...

Anything would have been better than that Stars game Friday night. Yikes.

As for the new guy, I give it a bit emphatic, meh. Dick was taking too many awful penalties - I don't think it's a bad thing.

As for Monday's game, here's hoping they're humiliated into performing well. No? Well, we can always hope!