Monday, February 25, 2008

Let's Make a Deal

So, who is getting traded tomorrow? There will be a couple big trades (Brad Richards and Marion Hossa will be on the move) and the rest will be salary dumps (basically for a bag of pucks).

A few names are already off the list:

-Sundin has refused to waive his no-trade clause. I'm Switzerland on this issue. He's showing his love for his team OR he's absolute lack of motivation to actually win the Stanley Cup. Maybe a bit of both? More about Toronto in a minute.

-Forsberg has signed with Colorado after weeks of indecision. Fuck, it felt like a lifetime. Bad news for Colorado; they just signed Peter Forsberg in 2008.

-Boyle has resigned a monster deal in Tampa Bay (6 years, 40 million which is a $6.66 million cap hit). Not sure this is a good signing....TB still needs an actual goalie especially since they've also just traded Prospal to Philadelphia for some pucks.

So, we know Hossa and Richards will be traded tomorrow but where will they end up? There is a story floating that Montreal is after Hossa. I'm not that high on Hossa; he's one of those types of players (ie: Europeans) that disappear in the playoffs so you'd better be careful with what you give up. However, Montreal could be a very big threat in the playoffs if they get him and he remembers to keep playing past the middle of April.

If Montreal stocks up, what will Ottawa do? The Sens just got their asses kicked by Toronto 5-0 (true sentence folks, I know this seems like a set-up for a joke, but it is not) so they must be getting worried. One problem with this team is defense (aside from starting Emery in net for five straight games. Gerber relieved him in the third after he gave up 5 goals on 21 shots. Why was he still in net after 3 or even 4 goals? Coaching is another issue in Ottawa). They traded Corvo away for Stillman and Raggaty-Ann (Commodore). Sure a bit more offense, but damn, they need more than that.

One note to Toronto: what a mess. Sundin, Kaberle, Kabina, and Tucker have all stated they will not waive their no-trade clauses. McCabe says he will think about it. How the hell can Fletcher make any changes for the better when his stupid predecessor handed out no-trade clauses like candy? He won't. Their best bet is to either buy out a couple of those guys (Kabina for sure) or sit their asses in the pressbox until they waive their no-trade clause. Also, what is TO doing? They should be tanking the rest of the season and trying to get that lottery pick. They are 6 pts out of the playoffs, and seriously, they aren't going to make it. TANK!!!!

Oh and Bryan McCabe? YOU ARE THAT BAD!!!

"I don't think we're that far off," McCabe said. "We had a ton of injuries again this year. You guys make this out to be like the worst team in the world....We're one or two players off, I think, from being a good team......I don't think we're that bad."


Now we get to the OILERS. I am not expecting a trade of note tomorrow unless Lowe unloads Staios or Stoll. Those are basically our only two big trading chips. Maybe a Roloson if someone wants to take on his salary for next year. Otherwise, maybe a couple dumps (Reasoner, Sanderson) for some pucks/picks.

There is the rumour that the Rangers are after Robbie Schremp. So what is Lowe going to do? We keep hearing that Schremp is not a MacT-type player. Screw you MacT.....not every player needs to be a two-way forward. As much as everyone loves the Pisani's of the world, you need the Schremp's too! I'm not sure if you know but scoring goals is important.

I've always floated back and forth on the Scremp drama, but this kid has earned a real chance. Since Moreau is a broken piece of china these days, bring up Robbie and let him play the rest of the season. Give him huge ice time and let's see what he can really do. We can always trade him in the summer but come on, you've put so much time into this kid so give him a real shot. It's too bad he was injured late last year. He came into training camp recovered from his injury but had very little training time. So yes, he got passed by Cogliano, Gagner, Brodziak, etc. He's ready to go so give him a shot. I think there is room on the team now.

Anyways, not sure what will happen to our Oilers tomorrow but I doubt it will be as shocking as last year.

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