Saturday, February 09, 2008

Are you ready to rumble??????

The Oilers are in Calgary today for the Battle of Alberta. We won the battle on Monday, can we repeat and win again? I think hell yes!

Sure Calgary will be gunning for our kids after getting their asses kicked several times this week (by Chicago and our Oilers). But the Oilers seem to finally be fighting hard and competing. That is all I have really wanted all year. This team has been soft most of this year. They've forgotten their gritty style of play that catapulted them into the Stanley Cup Finals in 2006. Sure the team was down Moreau, Souray at times and Pisani. we saw on Monday and Wednesday, this team is capable of playing the tough, forechecking and hitting style.

So the Oilers bring their swords (sticks) to Calgary, ready to pummel the Lames into contrition. Stortini will hopefully bring his fighting style from Chicago's game (he actually threw punches) instead of his usual Sir Hugs A Lot or Huggy Bear style!

Other news: Souray had surgery this week and it was suggested he might be ready to return in March. This has to be extremely wishful thinking but you never know. The Oilers are 7 points of the playoffs and while I'm not counting them out like many others are, the reality is that the Oilers have a very outside chance of making it. However, the chance is still there. They need to run the table, leap over some teams (St. Louis has four games in hand on us so that's one issue) and hope for some of those loser teams to start losing. If nothing else, we just want to see a good fight for the playoffs. I can handle another non-playoff year if they show some fire and play hard.

Will Kevin Lowe make any deals at the trade deadline? Will Pitkanen and Gilbert get signed? I am quite nervous about all the damn rumours of Pitkanen getting traded. I hear he's asking for a huge contract which is odd since sure he's a good d-man but really hasn't had a breakout year yet. He has 16 pts in 39 games this year (43 pts last year in Philly). So are his high demands his way of trying to get out of here? Does he truly believe he's worth that? Someone must be reading the blogs! We waited a whole year to get that puck-moving defenseman so I'd hate to see them trade him so quickly. He has such potential !!

One hour until gametime: I foresee a great win by the Oilers. Stortini punches Phaneuf so hard, he begins singing Celine Dion songs! 5-2 Oilers with goals by Hemsky (2), Gilbert, Cogliano and Reasoner.


d said...

Well, that game sucked! Including the hit on Hemsky. Was McGoof reffing?

Scarlett said...

McGoof was at the Vancouver game I think? Anyways, the Oilers sucked completely on their own this time! No McGoof to blame!