Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year....let 2007 be more winful than 2008!

2007 is finally over and that means a nice fresh start for our Edmonton Oilers. However, 2008 is not ringing in as joyful as I would like. The EIG (board) is recommending to their shareholders that they should REJECT saviour Katz's offer. They voted 6-4 to recommend rejection of the offer but this might not be over as several major shareholders would like to sell according to TSN.

The EIG would also like more clarification on the possible $100 million offer for an arena and whether Katz would sign an agreement to keep the Oilers in Edmonton. I'm all for more information on the offer and would love a declaration from Katz to keep our Oil in Edmonton, but why recommend a rejection of the offer? Leave the decision to the individual members. No collusion please! How many more times is this man going to come back? Anyways, the entire EIG will meet on January 21st to vote on the offer. I hope they all come to their senses by then!

Oilers look to recover from a lovely six game losing streak tonight against St. Louis. Ahhh yes the game is on pay-per-view again. Sheesh, enough already Oilers. There are way too many games on ppv this year. Back to the game tonight. While they've been in all six games, this is such a must-needed win. They are 7 pts out of the playoffs but if they can get on a run, they're not out of it. However, their collapse in the third period is beginning to get old. They've either been tied or leading heading in the third in all six losses, but each time they gave up a late goal or collapsed entirely (hello Minnesota?). They need to get tough on the boards, shore up the defense, stop taking stupid penalties (hello Moreau, welcome back ass), no more giveaways (Horcoff, that's you too. He's also been held pointless in these six games) and please get some of our boys back (Hemsky and Pitkanen, we miss you).

Do the Oilers get back to their inconsistent winning ways? I say yes and it'll be a regulation win. I've called this before but didn't really believe it. I just have a feeling tonight. They have to turn it around. (update: Pitkanen returns tonight)!

Prediction: Oilers win 3-1 with goals by Horcoff, Cogliano and Souray!

UPDATE: Here is Katz's response which I think shows his frustration and has some VERY valid points!!!! Here is an excerpt!

''The board's conduct in recent days is confusing and I fail to see how it serves the best interests of (Oilers) shareholders,'' Katz said. "I have offered repeatedly to meet with the EIG Board of Directors, EIG shareholders - either individually or as a group - and with the professional advisors to any of the above to discuss my interest in acquiring the team and answer their questions."

''I intend to respond to whatever valid questions the board has about my offer for the team, but I think they owe an equal duty to come clean about any involvement members of the board may have in fashioning an alternative bid, how much debt they plan to assume to retain ownership, and what commitments they are prepared to make to help secure a new arena.''


Shannon said...

Ugg - if we could get rid of that pesky third period we'd be fine!

Yes, losing is getting very, very old. What I find frustrating is that we're playing well for 40 minutes - solid, reliable, quick.

But suddenly, the third period comes and we forget to play. Ugg.

Watching the outdoor NHL game yesterday reminded me how much I dislike Conklin, so I blame him :')

Scarlett said...

No kidding. They're playing VERY well for 40 mins. What is wrong with this team in the third?? Sheesh it's getting annoying. Come on boys....I want to see you compete tonight for the entire 60 mins!!

Scarlett said...

Moreau...a penalty in the first 2 mins. Way to go cappy!!!