Tuesday, January 22, 2008

American Teams Suck!!!

Well I'm watching the Oilers play right now against Tampa Bay on PPV. Well it's early in the second period and they are already down 2-0. Wait, it's now 3-0.

A couple notes on this game so far:

-get new sticks Jarret Stoll
-Roli is playing like crap tonight. Wait, that's an insult to crap. It's been bad and he just let in a short-handed goal (still in net too)
-Greene is crapola as usual. Either he rings it around the boards or gives the puck away. Seriously...Tarnstrom is not a better option?

Okay, powerplay goal for the Oilers and now it's 3-1 with a goal by Cogs.

-kids are buzzing tonight: Cogs and Gags (with Nilsson) are great together. Only took MacT 50 games to figure that out.
-the veterans are NOT. Where are they??
-nice to see Pitkanen back
-not a good game for Gilbert either (giveaway lead to a goal already)

Anyways, with the All-Star break almost upon us, the Oilers are only 6 points out of eighth spot. BUT....this team is most likely not making the playoffs. The Oilers had to win at least 4 of this 5 game road trip but with tonight's game, this is now doubtful. They lost a shootout to Washington, humiliated in Carolina, a good win in Atlanta and already down 3-1 tonight in Tampa Bay. I really did believe this team could fight for a playoff spot but that is sure not the case recently. The team has more troubles defensively than they do offensively. I don't have enough room to list all the problems with this team but I point the finger first at MacT. From keeping goalies in too long to questionable defensive zone coverage, this man should not be the man anymore.

One final note: I hate Oilers PPV. Rob Brown is a dreadful color man. In fact, I don't believe he should be called a color man. How about a black n'white man? Yes, he's that bland and colorless.


Oh yes, one more final note: SELL SELL SELLLLLLLL!!!!! With articles noting Katz may have 68% of the shares willing to sell to him, let's make this happen and why not all 100%? Great article by John Mackinnon. This is the point I've been making for weeks:

Let's be clear, the choice here is between the financially flush Katz and a re-constituted EIG that has to borrow money to buy out those who are prepared to sell and borrow again to help finance a downtown arena for which Katz already has pledged an infusion of $100 million cash.

Why that almost makes sense?!?!

And looks like Sid the Whiney Kid is out for 6-8 weeks. I danced a jig of joy. If he hadn't been so intent on diving and trying to draw a penalty, he would never have been hurt. Yes, I know this might come as a shock but little baby Sid likes to dive. He really should do that in a swimming pool....


Shannon said...

I love it! You should be a colour commentator :')

I didn't watch the PPV (thank God!), but I did hear a bit of the post game by MacT. He seemed really happy with the young guns for a change.

As for Roli, I love him. That being said, if he's making the saves he needs to, it's time to share with Garon again. I'm not opposed to sharing, I just think that that he makes a really expensive back up goaltender.

I'm still not sold on Katz - it will be interesting to see what happens there.

I'm sure that I have other thoughts on the matter, but that's it for now :')

Top Prospects tomorrow!!!

Lady_Byng said...

American teams don't suck, the Oilers just suck against them. Damn Roli blew a few thru his five-hole tonight........
I was most impressed with Cogs. This kid is damn good when he gets the ice time.
Only good thing about the PPV was the dressing room shot in intermission and the sight of a naked (from the waist up obv.) Souray. HOT.

Scarlett said...

Young Guns played very good while Hemsky showed up late in the third period. Would like some more consistency!

I just hate all American teams.

Yup Cogs is my favorite of the kids. He's fantastic. I can't wait for the skills competition. He's going to kill in the fastest skater.