Sunday, December 02, 2007

Thor's Revenge

Patrick Thoresen, after toiling in the minors for two months, has finally been recalled to the Oilers!!! He's put up some fine numbers down there and it's going to be nice to see him back in the line-up. The bad news is that Hemsky is out with a knee contusion but so far it's only day-to-day so we should see him back on Wednesday vs Pittsburgh when Sid the Whiny Kid comes to town (uh-oh, website has Hemmer out indefinitely).

Today the Oilers will be in Anaheim. Wait, didn't we just play them and beat them into submission? Oh yes, the NHL likes to force teams into being rivals so the idea of back-to-back games makes that happen. Sure whatever Bettman. At least they have finally realized their error and the schedule is going back to normal. All teams will play each other at least once. I actually don't like this idea. I want every team to play each other home and away. I have an even better, although slightly, radical idea. How about every team plays the same teams? Yes do away with divisional and conference games. The Oilers would play the same number of games against certain teams as would the Boston Bruins, and so on. That would make it fair. No more teams padding their wins from their weak division. I know this would never fly but damn I think it would be exciting. Keep the conferences the same but have each team play the exact same schedule of teams. Yes, I'm all about the fairness.

Okay that was an unattainable dream. Back to tonight's game, Oilers vs the Duckies! Our sweet Hemsky is probably not playing but Thor draws back in! We drove Giguere from the net on Friday, let's do it again! My prediction: Oilers win 5-2 with Cogliano, Thoresen, Stoll and 2 from Horcoff.

UPDATE: Pisani returns tonight!!!!!!


the weaz said...

What a great game I missed tonight! We have the Duck's number these days it seems. I'm loving this winning thing... a may just catch on. Oh and some in other news, after tonight's win, we are now ahead of the Flamers in the standings.

Shannon said...

I agree! This winning business is becoming a habit!

Now, if we could just get our in juries under control, and our captain back playing until he gets hurt again, we're made!

d said...

I was surprised to wake up to the radio telling me the Oil won 4-0.

I'm getting really tired of these injuries.

therealdeal said...

Nice goal by Thoresen, makes you wonder how he didn't make the team.