Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse!

Well well well, look has made another offer. And look has decided to "enthusiastically support" this offer? Yes it's EIG founding chairman Cal Nichols who is now behind the offer. How things change hmmm? BofA got the news up already so check it out.

So the offer is more money obviously and $100 million towards a new downtown arena. Oh and Cal gets to remain involved as the Oilers representative on the NHL Board of Directors. I see now why he's behind this new offer so enthusiastically!

Anyways, this is good news for our Oilers. One owner compared to 30. I always believed the time was past for the EIG. They stepped up in the late 1990s when this team was on the verge of being bought and moved. It was a wonderful move but it's time to move on.

Let's hope this deal is approved.


Shannon said...

I'm still unconvinced.

I know that you've called me a dirty communist before ;'), but I still don't like the idea of having one man with so much power.

I also hope that Northlands remains as the manager IF a new stadium comes through.

That being said, I need to share how crappy the Joe Louis arena is. It is 100% worse than ours, so I think we need to stop complaining about it.

Just my 2 cents.

d said...

I agree with shannon about not needing a new arena. Really, is ours that bad? I don't think so. And I'm not on board with people who assume a new arena will revitalize the downtown area.

I'm all for Katz owning the team, though. Enough is enough with the EIG!

By the way, is it pronounded "cats" or "cates"? I'm hearing "cates" on the radio.

the weaz said...

Cal Nichols pronounced it "Cates" and he's met the guy in person so unless he's like Rod Phillips who pronounces several names several different ways in one night, I'd go with that.

Scarlett said...

It's all about the collective for Shannon! lol. I know you're worried about one man having so much power but I've never been more positive that this is the right man to own the Oilers.

I personally support a new arena and yes with public funds. My tax dollars go into many others areas that I do not support nor use so why shouldn't it go here? I like Katz putting up his dough though.

Do the Oilers need a new arena? I personally think yes. If you want to compete with the rest of the league, you need a bigger capacity, more luxury boxes, a better gallery area, etc. I do like the idea of Northlands managing it. They've had over 30 years of experience so good idea with that.

Should this arena be downtown? No clue. Where else would you put it? In bloody Clareview?? No way! Will this new arena revitalize the downtown? Doubt it. Of course, we're told it will be more than an arena. Obviously restaurants, shopping, etc. That might help but you're going to have problems with parking and no LRT that'll need to be resolved. It's so handy to have the LRT at Northlands....I can't imagine going there any other way. I used to drive my first few years here, but the LRT is so convenient.

Anyways, I'm happy to see Katz on his way to Oiler ownership!!!