Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Hype

Yes, Sid the Whiny Kid is in town. With all the freakin' hype surrounding this, you'd think he was the greatest hockey player ever. Sorry to tell you, he is not. Nor will he ever be. He's not even the best player this year. That goes to Lecavalier.

So shall we take bets on how many times Sid gets shot tonight? Or shall I say how many times he falls to the ice as if he's been shot? I'll venture a guess: 4 times. Also, how many times will Sid get stabbed tonight? I should also clarify that as well; how many times will Sid fall to the ice as if he's been stabbed? I'll go with 3 times. Be careful with our little china doll.....he's very precious and you don't dare touch him without him collapsing to the ice in pain. Yes, it's phantom pain folks.

Anyways, I couldn't care less to see him tonight. I admit he is a very good player but his constant diving rubs me the wrong way. I despise players who act like that. Plus all the bloody hype surrounding this is nuts. I'm not overly excited to see him.

The Oilers are coming off their first three game winning streak of the year. Can they make it 4? I think they have an excellent chance. Both goalies seem to be finding their stride and are playing damn good! Also, Pisani returns and makes his home debut for the Oilers. He will get a huge ovation tonight. I'll be there to scream loud for his return! It's been really great seeing him back! Oilers missed his defensiveness.

Other news: TSN is reporting that Jarrett Stoll is on the trading block. Is that the case or another unsubstantiated rumor from TSN? We shall soon see. Even though he is struggling this year, I'd hate to see him go. Can they get anything good in return??

Prediction: 5-2 Oilers with goals from Pisani, Horcoff, Stoll and Hemsky (2). Oilers will finally make it to .500 tonight and on the road to a winning record.


Shannon said...

Keep Stolly!

But I do kind of agree with you on Sid the Kid. He's a good player, but I certainly don't envy him trying to live up to his hype. He is just a kid, after all.

d said...

So much hype over Crosby, Crosby, Crosby. Ugh. That's all I heard on TSN.

Also, stupid Oilers.

Scarlett said...

Thank god whiny Sid is now outta Edmonton. I could not stand one more minute of it. Could every sports broadcaster please get off their knees now? Gosh!!!!