Friday, December 07, 2007

Have a Seat Boys...

Best friends Jarret Stoll and Raffi Torres will be enjoying a night off tonight. Yes they will get to suit up, not on the ice, but in the pressbox. They can have some popcorn and beer, enjoy the game. Wait, sitting out is bad. Oops, my bad. So while they get to sit in the box mainly due to their gaffes from Wednesday's night game against the Crosby Crobsies, the other gaffe (Stortini) is playing tonight.

Liam Reddox gets the call tonight along with Patrick Thoresen to replace.....shit wait. Stortini is playing while Stoll and Torres sit out? There are all kinds of bad in that sentence. Yes Stoll and Torres have been sucking ass like it's going out of style but to have them sit and not Stortini?? If you're handing out punishments for bad play against Pittsburgh, you should include Zach along with the best buds.

Anyways, St. Louis is in town tonight to take on our Stoll/Torres-less boys. We get their backup goalie so you know what that means, we lose. Nah, I think they're going to bounce back. Garon is in net so we have some good news. Oilers win 4-1.



Shannon said...

Garon was NOT good news! He was brutal out there tonight. Mind you, the others weren't much better, but I for one missed Stoll (and not just because he's totally hot). I missed his grit, his intensity, and his presence.

Raffi, on the other hand, I didn't miss even once!

Come back, Stolly! Come back!

Scarlett said...

So our goalies are back to letting in soft goals? First Roli against Pittsburgh and now Garon? I'll have to check the highlights, but come on some passion! ARGH!!!