Sunday, December 09, 2007

All about coveting....

A story at sportsnet has Edmonton offering up Stoll or Torres for Joe Corvo. First, nice physique. I'm assuming the Oilers would throw in a defenseman or two since we have so damn many of them. I'm no expert on Corvo so I'm not sure if this is a good move. I have heard pretty good things about him, but aren't we kind of set for defense? Aren't we in need of forwards (and scoring) more than defensemen?

I know rumors are swirling that Stoll is on the trading block and he might just need a fresh start somewhere else. But I still think he has game and I'd prefer to get rid of Torres. Raffi is just all kinds of useless and his inconsistency is too much. He needs to go away, far far far away!

Anyways, Stoll/Torres plus a defenseman must be the deal. Who would go? Gilbert, Souray and Pitkanen are locks to stay. There is no way they'd be traded. That leaves Staios, Tarnstrom, Greene, Grebeshkov, Roy and Rourke. I'm putting Smid on the non-tradeable list. I like the way he's been playing of late, especially his physical play. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Staios. But will this deal happen? I'd bet no.

Oilers will visit Dallas tomorrow night, following an apparently lackluster game against St. Louis. I gave my season ticket to a friend and she was not impressed with the boys. Let's hope they can turn things around. Getting Stoll and Torres back in the lineup after sitting out should help. I'm hoping their time in the pressbox motivates them to work a bit harder and get some chances.


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