Thursday, November 29, 2007

Three Million Dollar Man??

So Sportsnet is reporting a story from the Edmonton Journal today concerning Tom Gilbert and how he could possibly command up to $3 million next year and the Oilers cannot possibly afford him. He's hasn't even played 40 games yet. Yes he's been very solid and smart in his inexperience but let's be serious. First of all, this kid is not going to get over $3 million. He won't be getting $2 million. He'll get closer to Matt Greene money I think or slightly more. The Oil can afford that. The real concern with defensemen is Joni Pitkanen. He's the restricted free-agent I think the Oilers are a helleva lot more worried about. Good job by the Journal and Matheson to stay on top of the story.

And last night's game verses the was the WORST 40 minutes (periods 1&2) of hockey I have ever seen the Oilers play. This is not an exaggeration. I have never seen them play that dreadful before. NEVER!!! This team doesn't have the talent of other teams but at least compete. Where is your pride? Anaheim comes to town tomorrow, they'd better pull their heads out of their asses before!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ninety Years Young!

Today the National Hockey League was officially founded with the following teams: Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Sentators, Toronto Arenas and the Quebec Bulldogs. Frank Calder was elected as the league's first President and would serve until his death in 1943.

I highly recommend checking out the timeline of the NHL. The back and forth of teams coming in and out of the league is interesting. My favorite part: "Back on Jan. 9, 1918: The NHL announced a new rule permitting goaltenders to leave their feel while making a save. Previously a penalty was called if a netminder sat or lay on the ice to stop the puck." I love this. Can you imagine if goalies couldn't flop on the ice? No career for Hasek.

Anyways, I've been a bad blogger. So what's new the Oilers? Good news is they are not in last place. That belongs to Washington. Bad news, we're only 2 points out of the basement. More good news: we're within 3 points of 7 teams. Bad news: we're 7 points out of a playoff spot. Good news: it's only the end of November. Bad news: we're down another defenseman due to a concussion to Dicky. Good news: Pisani is a couple weeks away from returning. Bad news: Moreau and Souray are not.

So does the good outweigh the bad? I have no clue but it's been an up and down season thus far. Oilers have 6 of 9 wins from shootouts including another one on Saturday against Chicago. It's been a struggle for each and every win but the Oilers are dominating the shootout. Gagner, Hemsky and Horcoff have been spectacular. Also, Pitkanen has been fantastic since his return. In particular, he was jumping into the rush big time on Saturday verses Chicago. It was nice to see him so natural as a rushing defenseman. I hope we see more of this.

Another game tonight: Oilers vs Columbus. I'm going out on a limb and say the Oilers win this in regulation. I know, a dangerous call but I'm going with a nice comfortable win. 4-1 with goals by Cogs, Gags, Hemmer and Horcoff.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

To count or not to count.....

I'm confused. I always thought if a player was put on the IR, his salary did not count towards the cap. Sure you're still paying him somehow but his salary is not counted. Pisani is on the Long term injury reserve. I must be wrong or don't understand the CBA.

From the Edm Journal:


The Oilers decided not to bring in another forward -- probably Patrick Thoresen -- when they sent Marc Pouliot to Springfield, which means they only have 12 healthy forwards to go with six defencemen and two goalies. That's the bare minimum to field a lineup -- 20 guys. It's economics, because the Oilers have more than $48 million on their salary cap.
"We don't want to use it up," said GM Kevin Lowe. "We have some room, but not that much because Fernie (Fernando Pisani) is still on the cap. We just can't have excess players around. It's not like we're down around, say, $42 million or $43 million."

This is on the NHL's website:

A Club's payroll will include all salaries, signing bonuses and performance bonuses paid to players. Except in the case of bona fide long-term injury (injuries that sideline a player for a minimum of 24 days and 10 games) to one or more of a club's players

I really don't feel like reading the bloody CBA so if someone can explain it to me, I'd love that. Why they would still have Pisani's salary counting towards the cap is odd (how about Moreau, he's on the injury reserve, I'm assuming his salary is counting too)?

Anyways, the Oilers are sucking it up lately giving up 4 powerplay goals last night against the evil Wild. Only one thing to say: we're rebuilding!!!

Also, an interesting story on Penner coming to training camp out of shape. Almost two months later, he's still out of shape. Come on boy, get on the bike!!!

Update: Mike at Covered in Oil explained this over there: Technically, players with long-term injuries still count against the cap.But the team is then allowed to go over the cap limit to the cost of their salary (so $50.3 million plus Pisani's $2.5 million). Basically, the Oilers are allowed to go over the cap but they're just too damn cheap to do so. Thanks EIG...we're down numerous defensemen and a couple key gritty forwards, but let's not spend any more money. Good call.